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Thursday, November 16, 2006

The electric bill was wrong damnit

I like it when I'm right, especially when someone tells me I'm wrong and I prove them to be an idiot.

My electric bill last month wasn't too bad considering we used the AC for a week or more. 71 kWh. I was happy with it, but we still took further measures to reduce it more. When I looked at my bill online on tuesday it was for 120 kWh. I was pissed considering we were very conservative as usual and we didn't use the AC or anything, so it was completely wrong. I knew it wasn't the electric company, because that just wouldn't make sense. So I called my new landlord and asked him if my electric box was hooked up to more than just my apartment. He insisted it wasn't and tried to remind me that I had an electric stove, which I then reminded him that it was gas, and then he tried to say that they have a fixed rate that they always charge, but this bill was way above that. Anyway, he said we could use the box and turn everything off just so that we could be confident it's only for our apartment.

So yesterday I did that, and of course it wasn't just for my apartment, but also include the common stairways and lobby lights. Now I'm just waiting for the reduction in rent.


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