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Monday, November 13, 2006

My fake stock portfolio

I know this sounds crazy, having a fake stock portfolio and all, but I have my reasons.

Unfortunately, I don't have enough money to invest in stocks at the moment, but I would like it if I did. Since I spend too much time thinking about stock picks and what would be best (and generally being bored), I decided to put together a fake portfolio. Even though I read a lot, I still am not quite sure what I'm doing. So I looked around the net, did some reading, eventually picked a group of stocks, and then made a portfolio on Yahoo! Finance with about $5000 worth of my stock choices. This doesn't take into account fees and stuff, but it's really just an experiment to see if what I found would actually be as good as talked about.

So far the experiment has shown me a better example of the daily ups and downs of the market. It has also shown me that just because a company is talked about highly does not mean that the future for that company is bright. And even if I think there's hope in the company, doesn't mean that there really is. Overall, my portfolio has done reasonably well and I wish I had the money at the time to make the purchases. But for now it's just fake money that I can cheer on when I'm bored.

Original price of stocks: $4976.65
Price as of the end of the day (11-13): $5334.40
Increase since the beginning of October: 7.70%

My largest percent change at the moment is 18.42%, my lowest is -4.23%. I have 2 stocks that have lost value (1 less than 1%), and 8 stocks that have gained value (2 less than 1% and 3 of which have gone up by more than 15%).


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