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Thursday, November 02, 2006


As you can see on the right, I've put up our networth... a wonderful -$1,966. It really could be worse, so I'm not too worried. A huge amount of the debt we have is from the student loans my fiance is using through this summer. A lot of that won't be doing anything for a while. I did not include credit card debt on one car because it's the card I use for everyday expenses and bills (a miles card), so it's paid off every month anyway. I also did not include our checking account because that is usually emptied every month because of our expenses. I plan on putting a buffer in there at some point, but for now it is what it is. Also for expenses, I added my fiance's engagement ring and her harp, since both are valuable and have to be insured separately. I'm not sure of the actual prices, but it is a good estimate. I will find out more when we change insurance in a few weeks.

So that's the starting point.

On a side note, having the new neighbors upstairs moving in at 11 pm last night with they're loudness and vacuuming has gotten my fiance to really want a house. I'm not sure how we can really start saving for one now, but the thoughts are there.


  • At 1:50 PM, Blogger Ms. MiniDucky said…

    Just hearing the apartment horror stories makes me want to save for a house NOW. I'm spoiled because when I was younger, we were next door neighbors to family in our apartment building and it was a single story building, not the complexes that are more common now.


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