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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Why I should have more money

Sadly, it was probably about the partying. It's not like I was too crazy, I was practically the only one out of my friends that had a major that required studying and a lot of extra work. Plus I had a job, which most of my friends did not, or if they did it was a joke job that they rarely went to. But I tended to always put in the little extra to cover people when it came to partying. I have no idea why though. Most of my friends were useless with money and shouldn't have been given that type of free way out, or they had everything paid for them. I probably wasted a few thousand dollars over the years.

I almost always had enough for what I really needed and for occasional wants. I did always save up enough to get what I needed during the summers, a computer, car, etc. But I should have saved a lot more. This all lasted through my first job. I did make enough to put a chunk in savings, but for some reason I wasted it all on fast food and other crap. Now I'm living in an apartment with crappy, loud neighbors thinking about how close I could be to owning a home of my own. At least I had a good time partying up.


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