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Sunday, January 14, 2007

My Men's Wearhouse experience

For our tuxes for the wedding we went to Men's Wearhouse. With the tux rental they gave us all a 10% discount that had to be used before the wedding. Since I needed a new suit, I decided to go and use the discount. The goal was just to get a suit and I set a limit of $250.

The store I go to can be very frustrating. They are really pushy when it comes to buying things. So I went in, and after some tries I found the suit that would work for me. One of the suits they tried to sell me, though, was a one with 2 pairs of pants. One of the pairs I would never wear. The guy tried to tell me to think of it as me getting a pair of pants for free. I laughed and said there was nothing free. He insisted it was free. So I laughed and told him that if it was free he wouldn't be getting paid for it, and I know he'll be getting paid for it.

When trying on suits you have to wear shoes to get the best idea of what the suit will look like. The salesperson was trying to convince me that I loved the shoes. One wasn't bad, but ridiculously expensive. The other pair was comfortable, but just plain ugly and stupid looking. The whole time he kept trying to say how much I loved the shoes and how I should buy them.

Then when I picked my suit, they put together some shirt and tie combos and tried to sell me those. I let him do his whole thing and try to convince me and then I said no, because I had a budget. He kept insisting he was trying to save me money because I would be using my 10% discount. He had no idea of what a budget was. Then when I asked about some prices he said "I can't do that in my head." These weren't anything hard either. So I asked what he did when the computers were down. And he said, he woldn't bother with it. So I asked what he learned in school, and he said, "well I didn't go to all of my classes." You think?

Anyway, after being annoyed for 45 minutes about saving me money and getting me all new clothes, I bought just my suit and spent under $250. They weren't happy, but they should learn that pushy is suave, not does it work on some people, especially those that fight back.


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