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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Buy precious metals?

I thought about this a few years ago when I saw an article about a guy that made millions of dollars through spamming, and then bought millions worth of gold bullion. He then supposedly buried it somewhere in the woods and no one can find it.

Anyway, during my thoughts on the crazy things that could possibly happen to our world, I've thought about buy metal. I figure if our money ends up being worthless, at least gold and silver will still be worth something. It could be thought of as being a backup of your money if the stock market crashes and/or your cash becomes worthless. But I of course don't have that much money that it matters. But I think I would still like to buy gold bullion one day. At least to have it because I think it would be cool to say "I have some gold bars in the safe." or something like that.

But, I figured finding this stuff to buy would be hard. But then I found this site that sells gold bullion and silver coins and the such. Imagine having some of those sitting around. Or you can buy it through this company and have it one of their vaults for safe keeping. Not as cool as keeping it around the house, but cool to know you have it. Eventually I'll invest in this stuff, but who knows when.

(This was a paid post, although my opinions still are the same.. I want a stack of gold and silver in a vault underneath my house.. that'd be awesome.)


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