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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Happenings online

There are a few stock market games I'm part of right now online, the CNBC Million Dollar Challenge, and eFipo's Stock Market Game. Join if you'd like, although the CNBC is full of angry people at the moment because of some cheaters. You can read a little about that at It's Just Money.

My stats at this moment are:
CNBC - Rank: 20353 (Top 8%)
Total Return: 5.54%
Portfolio: $1,055,428.36

eFipo's Stock Game:
Rank: 28 (...of 28)
Total Return: -4.74% (Although week's return is marked at 11.29%!)
Portfolio: $952,651.25
I made a mistake on this one and tried out something that quickly lost me $40,000 or so. I've been trying to get back since.



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