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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

How much can I make from nothing?

In a previous post I talked about trying to make as much money as possible from nothing except good credit and special deals. To make it as clear as possible (especially for myself) I've decided on a few rules.

  1. Any free promotional money is considered free and can be used for anything.
  2. Gifts of money do not count. They were meant to be used for something that I would get enjoyment out of, so it can not be used.
  3. Gift cards obtained from any offer (or from redeeming points towards gift cards for this experiment) do count as free money. If the only thing I can recieve is a gift card, I can get a gift card for purchases I would normally make (a restaurant we frequent, or clothing store, etc.) take the equivalent amount of cash and put it into one of my "investment" accounts.

For now I think that is all of the rules that are necessary. My "investment" accounts will be any accounts that contain either balance transfers used for this experiment, or money gained from promotions. These could include Certificate of Deposits (CDs), high-yield bank accounts, investment accounts containing stocks, etc.

I think this will be fun, and hopefully I will gain something from it (hopefully some knowledge, and some money would be nice as well).


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