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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Wedding - What I'd do differently (Part 2)

The food at our wedding was generally good and free flowing. The catering company did an excellent job. There was more than enough appetizers going around, they had a server especially for the wedding party as they did the pictures, and so there was never a shortage of food and drink. It was excellent. Generally the food was pretty good also. But in general, we were lucky. We liked the sales pitch they gave, and they had good references. Unfortunately, they didn't have a way to taste the food. The only option was to ask them to put some of the stuff together to try it while you were picking. I don't like this idea because I think you should be able to taste the food before you sign a contract. We went against this method. Also, since the caterer was about 35-40 miles away, we never tried any of the food we wanted for the wedding.

The appetizers were fine, but the entrees could have been better. It could have been that I just wasn't too hungry during the wedding. Everyone else seemed to say it was pretty good, and the veggie option was especially good. I still could have been happier.

Looking back, I should have stuck to my instinct and made sure I tried the food before committing, either to a contract, or to the specific dishes at the wedding. People remember the food if it's good, so you should aim for the best. We did this with the cake, and it worked out really well. The big companies we tried were terrible. We went to a small place that was a little more expensive and would charge a delivery fee, but the cake was excellent and moist, and tasty.

So try things before you commit if possible. That will avoid some disappointment.


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