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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Start of my free money making experiment

I've decided to start this even though I have not received the funds I need to actually start it. Yes, basically I'm cheating. But this is only for the beginning and the original amounts will be compensated for in a future transfer (basically I'll pay myself back and it will be like I never cheated at all). It's really just a head start.

Anyway, the first order of business was to open a ShareBuilder account. The main reason is because of the promotions they offer. I transferred $200, made one stupid mistake trade (losing an unnecessary $11.95), and then some other trades. I then used a promotion code to get $50 free. This money will take a few weeks to be credited to my account, but that's ok. So as of market closing yesterday my account is worth $181.44. Add the $50 and it's worth $231.44. So far I've made $31.44. Not bad for being a week or so in. Once some balance transfer stuff gets worked out, I'll be on my way.


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