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Thursday, March 22, 2007

The market

I love when stocks go up, well mostly my own, espec ially after the slump we just had. Some stocks I've owned for a little longer also have started to do well. I bought this one stock in November and it was going up and down and not really anywhere until about 2 weeks ago, and since has shot up 20%. Too bad I didn't have it in either of my stock games. So now my poor Sharebuilder account has actually done something. As I said ages ago, I messed up with my Sharebuilder account and paid too much for one stock. I put in a total of $200, got the $50 promotional money, used that for stocks and was under $200 in my account for a while. Pretty sad. Right now though, it's up to $258. Hopefully it will steadily continue that motion.

As for my stock games...
The CNBC game, my portfolio went up a bit, although I lost ground to others yesterday. I finally decided to sell some of my ok performing stocks and try to go with risky stocks that can potentially earn me more faster. Not so sure that's going to work with the stocks I picked, but I've tried. That portfolio now looks like this:
Rank: 26481 (Top 7%)
Total Return: 10.41%
Value: $1,104,131.22

My Virtual Stock Game:
I was down by a lot, something like 14+%, but I've made up a lot of ground since then. I now am in 26th place (out of 28) and my return so far is -0.27%, a lot better tha -14%. So that is looking up for a bit.


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