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Saturday, March 31, 2007

More moving talk

My wife and I have continued our discussion on whether or not we should move. A lot of this will depend on where she gets her new job, so we can't decide exactly the location yet. I just know that I don't want to live too far from some sort of center or retail. I like being able to walk to places.

Searching for apartments and condos in Boston is a huge pain. There are so many places, and a lot of them just aren't that nice. Of course, the location is key also. Do I want to be in an up and coming area, or an already proven area? Important questions. One place that could be considered is South Boston. The place has changed a lot over the last decade and it is going to continue to change as they keep developing. Since it's Boston, we would need to look for a realtor to find South Boston real estate. We could look in the surrounding area and it seems like Seaport Realty has a good hold of the area, knowing what is available and what the best places are. Finding an apartment generally isn't easy, finding a condo or something is a lot harder. Some of the places on the Seaport Realty site are really nice. Maybe too expensive, but with real estate the way it is lately, there's always room to negotiate. Worth thinking about.



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