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Friday, March 23, 2007

Someone hit my car, what would you do?

The parking lot I park in at work is a long, narrow area with parking spaces on both sides. Sometimes it takes more than a three point turn to get out of a spot. Since the snow last week, the lot has been more narrow and so parking has been more of a pain, and so I've been backing up into a spot everyday so it's easier to get out. Yesterday I left one space next to me and someone else decided to back up there car into the spot, and into my car. There wasn't too much damage, just a dent near the front wheel well, and some scrapes on the side. The person was at least nice enough to leave a note and a phone number to call her.
My car is pretty old (not as old as the one in the above picture, which is not my car, source:, and so it really isn't worth it to spend the money and time fixing it up. The frame and everything else is fine, it's just another dent. But I couldn't let it just slide by either. So I called the number, and set a price and the person agreed to pay. It's easier that way. I probably could have gotten more, but the person left their number and you have to respect that a bit, and I don't feel like dealing with mechanics or anyone else.
Should I have asked for more or gone to a mechanic? I don't know.



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