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Thursday, April 19, 2007


School has been a priority for me financially, making sure I don't have to go further into debt to pay for my degree. So far I'm making it. Even better, I have enough to hold me over through possibly next spring or farther. It all depends on what classes I take and how much extras are going into savings.

Although it's a great feeling, I've decided that my wife and I don't enjoy life all that much. Sure you can enjoy life without spending money, but there are a lot of things I want to do that require money. So, instead of keeping my savings and being ready for several semesters of school, we've decided to at least take one soemwhat vacation. I say somewhat because it will be a trip back to where most of my friends are, and so it's really a visit rather than a 'sitting by the beach, drinking fancy drinks' type of vacation. Although it will cost some money and possibly make me have to find more money for next year's tuition, it will be well worth it. We'll have the money, so that's not a big deal. Plus we need to enojoy ourselves, and we've been so busy the past few months, that it will be a nice break from it all.

Although have money security is nice, it's worthless if you aren't enjoying yourself.


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