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Saturday, April 14, 2007

What can Brown do for me? Go out of business UPS, please.

UPS, you're a terrible company. Never have I not had trouble with you. From terrible, useless customer service, to some of your incompetent delivery people(although I've never met a competent one, I don't want to assume they're all useless), to your unrealistic delivery policies and procedures.

Your company lacks common sense. It is unfortunate that you have to hire people and then not train them correctly, keeping them from being helpful to your customers. When someone has a delivery sheet, a valid license (even if it is from a different state, it is still valid), you should allow them to pick up their package. It was bad enough that someone was waiting specifically for your delivery person, yet when the package did not arrive and I called customer service, they lied to me saying someone tried to deliver the package and no one was there. SOMEONE WAS THERE. Then to waste my time and make me rush to your delivery center to pick up the package that should have been correctly delivered, and then deny me the package because my valid license with my name which is totally unique in the whole country, if not the world, does not have my in-state address? USELESS.

Or the policy that does not allow your dlivery people to deliver a package to a house with apartments, even if no signature was required and it could be left inside a door, and even if I say it is okay to do so. How many people can take a day off just to wait for a package? We work. Being home between 10 and 2 during the day to get a package is impossible.

Now your latest incompetence when you say you left my package on my front porch. First, I do not have a porch. Second, you obviously didn't leave it at my building since I was hope 15 minutes later and there was no package in site. It was pouring rain, I seriously doubt people were walking around stealing stuff. And who would want to steal this anyway? It isn't worth anything to 99% of the people out there. Plus, my neighborhood isn't like that.

What can Brown do for me? Stop delivering packages for companies I order from. I would request other companies to deliver it, but those requests often, unfortunately, get denied. Just go out of business, restructure, do something useful, because right now, you are inefficient, incompetent, and a waste of everyone's time and money. There are much better companies out there, too bad people are generally clueless and can not be bother with change.


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