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Thursday, April 19, 2007


Frugality definitely has it's perks, although it has it's place and time as well. For example, I went to my parents' house on Sunday and I noticed that had a cereal box of tasteeo's (right next to two boxes of honey nut cheerios). My (and even my brother's) first exclamation as "what the hell is that?" My dad of course kept insisting that there was no difference, but there is. Just get regular cheerios. It's well worth the price.

Another good example, beer. Good beer is well worth the price. Paying nothing for bad beer is not only an insult, but a waste of money. I did used to by Miller High Life, because at the corner liquor store in one of my old places, a 6-pack of 16 oz cans was like $4.50. That as well worth it when I was poor. But even when poor, if I had the time and motivation to drive, I had no problem paying more for good beer. Like tonight, I had a Stone Brewing Company, Vertical Epic. It was excellent, and well worth the price. Other beers well worth the price are most things from Magic Hat Brewing Company, and Alaskan Brewing Company.


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